Best Gift Ideas for Cyclists

Gifting a cyclist can be a tricky endeavor. Cycling enthusiasts have almost every cycling gear. However, no one would mind new gear or accessories regardless of whether they have them or not. So, surprise your friend or lover with one of the following cool gifts.

Audew Portable Air Compressor Pump

Any cyclist will appreciate this portable pump. Nothing can frustrate a ride along a long trail than a deflated tire. This pump is light and compact enough to stuff in a backpack during a ride. Also, this pump works on car tires; therefore, it is a good gift altogether.

Irma Merino Jersey

The Irma Merino jersey is supplied by the famous French brand, Café du Cycliste. It is made from merino wool, and specially designed for the long-distance cyclist. The wool fabric will protect him or her from the cold during a hike in chilly weather. Also, it has a mesh drop pocket in addition to three rear pockets. As such, this long-sleeved jersey is not only stylish but also practical.

The Science in Sport Cycling Bundle

A cyclist needs good nutrients to keep riding for long hours. So, why not gift them this nutrition box. It contains protein bars, energy gels, caffeine shots, electrolyte drinks, and recovery drinks. These items are easily digestible and are specially designed to fuel, hydrate, and help in recovery during cycling racing and training.

Muc-Off Wash Protect and Lube Kit

The optimal functionality and durability of a bicycle are dependent on maintenance. Generally, there are three stages of bicycle maintenance – clean, protect, and lube. That is why this maintenance kit has three essential items:

  • · 1l Nano Tech Bike cleaner: This cleaner has a state-of-the-art Nanotech formula that cuts through dirt and grime quickly.
  • · 400ml MO94: This is a strong PTFE formula spray that penetrates moisture and covers your part of your bike with a durable protective film. It reduces adhesion of dirt and keeps away water from the metal parts, thereby preventing corrosion.
  • · 50ml wet chain lube: This is a long-lasting lubricant for the chain link and other components such as the wheel axle.

The Road Book

The Road Book is one of the bests gifts for cyclists who are into cycling events. The book dives deep into the past cycling season. It contains race reports, weather reports, stage profiles, and breakaways.


The statistics in the book are compiled by renown cycling statistician Cillian Kelly, with contributions from Harry Pearson, Chad Hags, and, Philippa York. It details both the women’s and men’s world tours.

The Runnerbox Subscription Boxes

If you are finding it hard to choose a gift, consider a subscription box for cyclists. The Runnerbox offers some of the best subscription boxes. Each of their boxes has a different assortment of cycling products. They even have limited edition boxes that are customized for specific events. After purchasing the box, it can be shipped directly to your address, or the address of the person you are gifting. Additionally, you can run the subscription for as long as you wish, and cancel any time – even after the first shipment.

With the gift ideas outlined above, gifting a cyclist should not be a difficult task. These gifts will suit any cyclist; the pro, the enthusiast, and the amateur.